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Episode 1 Series Premiere: Auditions Part 1 Episode 2 Auditions Part 2 Episode 3 Top 24 Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test Episode 4 Chinese Cuisine Elimination Challenge Episode 5 Mystery Box Challenge and Breakfast Invention Test Episode 6 Pressure Test: Shannon Bennett's Fillet of Beef Episode 7 Restaurant Takeover Team Challenge Episode 8 Two Dishes from One Snapper Elimination Challenge Episode 9 Maggie Beer's Mystery Box Challenge and Spanish Invention Test Episode 10 Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Rivers and Lakes Episode 11 Immunity Challenge: Ollie Gould Episode 12 Three-Course Team Challenge from Memory: Cutler & Co. and Ezard Episode 13 Sudden Death Elimination Challenge: Fast Food Episode 14 Press Club Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test: Proteins or Vegetables Episode 15 Pressure Test: Christy Tania's Mango Alfonso Episode 16 Immunity Challenge: Benjamin Cooper Episode 17 Four-Course Dessert Degustation Challenge Episode 18 Blind Taste Test Elimination Challenge Episode 19 Perilous Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test Episode 20 Saint Crispin Pressure Test: Sweet and Savoury Episode 21 Immunity Challenge: Matt Stone Episode 22 Queen Victoria Market Team Challenge Episode 23 Elimination Challenge: Time Auction Episode 24 "Superfood" Box Challenge & Chocolate Invention Test Episode 25 Nobu Pressure Test Episode 26 Immunity Challenge: Jock Zonfrillo Episode 27 Diamond Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Team Challenge Episode 28 Elimination Challenge: Classic Dishes Episode 29 Marco's Mystery Box Challenge and Italian Cuisine Invention Test Episode 30 White Heat Pressure Test: Roasted Pigeon with Ravioli of Wild Mushrooms Episode 31 Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke Episode 32 Taxi Kitchen Team Challenge Episode 33 Knife Block Elimination Challenge Episode 34 Duel Mystery Box Challenge & Team Invention Test Episode 35 Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna's Rose-Tea Smoked Chicken Tikka Masala Episode 36 Second Chance Cook-Off Episode 37 Starlight Children's Foundation Service Challenge Episode 38 Power Apron Challenge