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Cheyenne is an American western television series of 108 black-and-white episodes broadcast on ABC from 1955 to 1963. The show was the first hour-long western, and in fact the first hour-long dramatic series of any kind, with continuing characters, to last more than one season. It was also the first series to be made by a major Hollywood film studio which did not derive from its established film properties, and the first of a long chain of Warner Brothers original series produced by William T. Orr.

Genre: Action & Adventure, Western

Networks: ABC

Release: 1955-09-20

Status: Ended


Quality: HD

Rating: 6.9

Alternative Titles: The Cheyenne Show, Cheyenne: Bronco, Warner Brothers Presents ... Cheyenne

Season : 0
Season : 1
Season : 2
Season : 3
Season : 4
Season : 5
Season : 6
Season : 7