Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2015

Sixteen-year-old fat red-haired Masha, an outsider who grew up in a gop environment, is only mocking. Even her family does not take her seriously. But behind the image of the evil-faced schoolgirl lies a vulnerable soul, who simply was not lucky with her childhood.



A documentary that examines the cultural stereotype of the people of Appalachia and how that has affected America's relationship with its rural communities.

The Tragedy at Emmitt Whistle's

The Tragedy at Emmitt Whistle's 2015

1960s rural Ohio. Emmitt's world revolves around Emily, a wife half his age, his young son, Jasper, and a broken down house that mirrors his path in life. His potential and best years have slipped through his fingers. When betrayal rears its head, Emmitt must choose between preserving his sanity and giving in to his primal impulses.

The Bully

The Bully

Jim is your typical high school bully, until when his bullying interferes with his home life.

The Beginning

The Beginning

'The Beginning' is a short animation exploring the development of human life from conception. The narrative explores themes of birth and death as part of a cycle of life and is based on personal experience and research, including interviews with expectant and recent mothers.

Business in Russian

Business in Russian 2011

On the fate of small businesses in Russia. Five completely different stories about entrepreneurs, their successes and failures, the joys and complexities of their business.


Dialogue 2008

From the starting point of the alphabet as a series of abstract symbols, a visual representation of the spoken word, this film explores the acoustic and visual rhythm of type. Working directly onto the surface of 16 mm and 35 mm film stock using letterpress, Poirier utilises an aleatoric approach to animation, generating intuitive compositions governed by elements of chance and surprise. The typographic forms, once translated as a soundtrack, vary from the harmonious to the discordant.

The Kumite

The Kumite 2009

Maximus is twelve and captain of the National Ukrainian Karate Full-Contact Youth Team. They are the underdog favorites as they prepare and go into the ring against the much more ...

William Eggleston - Musik

William Eggleston - Musik

A short documentary portrait of the artist William Eggleston; focusing particularly on his musical endeavours and his album Musik that was released through Secretly Canadian in 2017.

Tenten Musume

Tenten Musume 1956

Based on the comic by Shosuke Kurakane. Shown in two parts.


Veronique 1975

Véronique goes on vacation with her godparents and begins to grow aware of the complexity and power of sexual attraction. She and her godfather develop a relationship which could easily have become sexual, but does not. She confides in her diary afterwards that she wishes she had permitted things to go further.