The City

The City 1995

The City is an American television soap opera that aired on ABC from November 13, 1995 to March 28, 1997. The show follows the loves and lives of the survivors of the Corinth Serial Killer as they all moved from the Pennsylvania town of Corinth to an apartment building in New York's SoHo district. The show was co-created by Agnes Nixon, the creator of Loving, and the show's last pair of headwriters, Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown. The show won two Daytime Emmy Awards in 1996.

Rosa Salvaje

Rosa Salvaje 1990

Rosa salvaje is a Mexican telenovela that was broadcast in 1987. It starred the popular Mexican actress Verónica Castro, who played the main character, "Rosa", co-starring with Guillermo Capetillo as her love interest and Laura Zapata as the villain of the story. This telenovela was a huge success in Mexico, Latin America, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Estonia, China the United States, Indonesia and provided the template for numerous other Latin American soap operas in terms of story, plot twists and characters for years to come.

Search for Tomorrow

Search for Tomorrow 1951

Search for Tomorrow is an American soap opera that premiered on September 3, 1951, on CBS. The show was moved from CBS to NBC on March 29, 1982. It continued on NBC until the final episode aired on December 26, 1986, a run of thirty-five years. At the time of its final broadcast, it was the longest-running non-news program on television. This record would later be broken by Hallmark Hall of Fame, which premiered on Christmas Eve 1951 and still airs occasionally. The show was created by Roy Winsor and was first written by Agnes Nixon for thirteen weeks and, later, by Irving Vendig.

Kom Payabaht

Kom Payabaht 2014

U (Audible Vichitra Non) is a wealth young high society beauty who has always had a fascination with Bangkok ever since she was a child. This is a story of love, betrayal and romance, in the upper echelons of Thai society.

Brave Woman

Brave Woman 2012

A moving tale of courage and resilience in the struggle for freedom – this is the role that life has cast for headstrong Morena in Brave Woman. Raised in a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, this tough and humble woman will spare no effort to protect her family and gain her independence.

Kularb Tud Petch

Kularb Tud Petch 2006

The intricacies of high society Thailand and all the mystery and nuance that follows the grinding life of the Khun Chai.

From These Roots

From These Roots 1958

From These Roots is an American soap opera which ran from June 30, 1958 to December 29, 1961. It was created and written by Frank Provo and John Pickard. The show was seen on NBC, and was the first successful soap opera vehicle for Ann Flood who later became well known for, and spend the better part of two decades as, Nancy Karr on The Edge of Night.


Simona 2018

Simona is a happy and fun young woman; sure of herself and what she wants. She is a teenager who had to overcome difficulties since she was very young: she had to learn to grow without her parents as guides.

Madam Dun

Madam Dun 2013

Madame Dun drama is a romantic comedy about a celebrity hero and the people that worship her.

4 Hearts of the Mountains

4 Hearts of the Mountains 2010

This is Ch.3's biggest project as a Ch.3 40 years celebration. It's a lakorn serie consisting of 4 separate but intertwining lakorns: "Thara Himalai", "Duangjai Akkanee", "Pathapee Leh Ruk", and "Wayupak Montra". It is based from a series of 4 books by the same name and uses the same casts for all 4 lakorns. The 4 lakorns can be separated into different pages, but I think it's better to leave them all in the same page because they're part of one single series.

Ngao Asoke

Ngao Asoke 2008

Monthai Mahataweit the a young man of 18 years old is handsome and amazing in every way whether it’s education or his family’s name. He is also the only son of a wealthy official Jao Khun Mahat and Khun Ying (Lady) Tap Tim. He is the lover of Viyada Hiranwat a pretty young lady who is approved by Khun Ying Tap Tim because she is equal in rank and status she also wants to them to get engaged before Monthai goes to school overseas. One day the little girl Bpee climbs the fence while Viyda was imploring and whiny with Monthai; causing Bpee to no longer hold in her laugh; embarrassed Viyada starts to beat and hit Bpee but Monthai helps her and asks her until he finds out that she lives with her grandmother “Yai Tiam” at the broken down hut; and that she climbed the gate because she wanted to pick the “Asoke” (Indian Flowering Plant) for food. Monthai out of pity gives her a small amount of money. Even though it was small to Bpee it was alot of money this had made a mark in her heart and placed Monthai as her benevolent person. Jao Khun Mahat is a playboy type that has many wives and in those include nuan Nou Cha’s mother. Nou Cha is Monthai’s half brother and someone that Monthai is very close to and loves dearly. Tap Tip is afraid that Monthai is going to be like his father so she harrassed Lukkana an innocent young girl and the mother of the female kitchen maid. She does so because she is afraid that Lukkana will seduce Monthai causing Lukkana to get slapped and beat around often. With no choice Khun Jian which is Tap Tim’s best friend and head housekeeper warns Monthai to stay away and leave Lukkana alone for awhile, but Monthai doesn’t believe her because he thinks of Lukkana only as a little sister. One day Wet Viyada’s father accidentally hits Yai Tiam causing her death. Before her death She had asked Weit to take care of Bpee. Viyda and her mother uses and abuses Bpee as she is a servant .. the only person in the house who cares about Bpee was Wiparwarn Viyada’s little sister. Viyada starts using Bpee as a messenger between her and monthai .. giving Bpee a chance to get to know how sweet and gentle Monthai is causing her to worship him even more. He buys an evening dress for her to join the party sending him off to school. Viyda is very angry and behind Monthai she secretly pinches Bpee out of jealousy and tells her to go home. Bpee goes and cry in a bushes and accidentally falls asleep.Monthai comes by and sees her and carries her home. While going home he accidentally bumps into Lukkana causing her to screeam. Jian and Tap tim comes and see them and thinks that have hid to flirt around. She beats Lukkana and then goes and slap her mother too. Monthai tries to stop his mother but it doesn’t work. Monthai promises to help prove Lukkana’s innocence in the morning, but before the morning Monthai and his mother has to see a gory image Lukkana had hanged herself to death. The relationship between mother and son falls apart once Monthai announces that he will never come home to let his mother see again. On his departure date Bpee follows to send Monthai off and giving him a handkerchief with his name sewn into it Monthai then picks up an asoke flower that had fallen into the ground and gives it to her and tells her that no matter how far he goes he will always give her support. After that Bpee has to move with Viyada’s family to Chiang Mai 10 years later Viyada is a different person who see’s many different man at the same time. The latest guy that Viyada had set sights on is Por Liang Pong In a rich and very attractive man the owner of a lumber company at the same time that Monthai is still writing love letters to Viyada always without knowing that the entire time it is actually Bpee that he is writing to him.. Bpee is close to Pong in and knows from him that the reason why he still carries himself single is because he has a harsh past with Maen Ward Bpees english language teacher from middle school. After Monthai goes to continue school his father dies and his mother falls ill because her heart is still mourning. She is sick with a heart disease and also psychologically. Wipahwarn suggests Bpee goes and take care of her in place of Viyada who doesn’t want to go. Once Bpee arives she sees Tap Tim going into a shock seizure so she gives Tap Tim her finger to bite. Jian comes and see and realizes that its Bpee that was sent and not Viyada after mending Bpee’s wounds she takes her up to give respect and greet Tap Tim. Tap Tim doesn’t remember Bpee and calls her Viyada so Jian tells Bpee to pretend to be Viyada for awhile. Guer who is Monthais friend and Tap Tim’s doctor comes and is shocked because Tap Tim has improved alot since Bpee came.. he also starts to mistake Bpee for Viyada Monthai’s lover. On the day that Monthai returns home Guer is the one that picks him up and drop him off. Monthai then asks about his mother condition. Guer tells him that his mother has gotten better because Viyada has been taking close care of her causing her to get better. Monthai quickly goes back to Mahataweit but is upset to find that it’s Bpee and that she had lied and pretended to be Viyada. Tap Tim is very angry that Monthai is back and also tries to get them to marry .. Monthai seeing that Pbee didn’t stop her. He assumes that she is trying to find the chance to marry him. Bpee is very upset so she responds that she already has a lover. Monthai pretends to have love scenes towards Bpee by hugging and kissing her even in front of his mother and khun Jian to where Khun Jian has had to openly warn him. But Khun Ying Tap Tim likes it and backs them up to get closer. She even suggests Monthai to take Bpee out. While out they both bump into Maenward and Set Tee a young bankers son who followed Maen ward since Australia. Bpee asks Monthai to take her and send a telegram so she can call Pong In and tell him about Maen Ward. Monthai mistakes that she is calling her lover so he sarcastically sends one also. Viyda goes to a party hosted by Pong In and sees that Sood Samoun a nurse has already been scoring points with Pong In. So she decides to seduce Pong In. Pong In denies her and then she cuts their relationship off and drinks in anger. That same night Keitchai who had been following her in hopes of getting with her thought that once he has slept with her then he will go and ask for her hand in marriage but she disses him and disrespect him saying he has no proper family name. Viyada gets Monthai telegraph and goes down to mahataweit to see him and Monthai is afraid that she won’t be able to face his mother so Bpee goes and confesses the truth to Tap Tim instead of getting angry she is still attached to Bpee because of her kindness. Once Viayda gets there she is jealous of Bpee … On Pong In side gets Bpee telegram and quickly comes down to bangkok in hopes of getting back together with Maen ward but no matter what it doesn’t seem to work so he goes and ask Bpee for help. Monthai sees and mistakes him for her lover. Nou Cha gets back from America after getting his master in interior design. Wiparwarn comes down to bangkok and tells him of what is going on between Monthai and Bpee and the two plan to get them to understand each other Viyada finds out and tries to tear Bpee’s face and embarrass her in front of everyone but it doesn’t work out she gets angry that the two had planned to help Bpee and Monthai so she goes and take revenge by going to see Nang Noun Nou Cha’s mother and convincing her that Nou Chai and Wi Par Warn doesn’t belong together because they are unequal in status. His mother then asks him to break it off with Wiparwarn … Nou Cha loves his mother alot so he sets Wiparwarn up to misunderstand by putting Bpee’s earing in his car for her to misunderstand. Bpee then finds a way for the two to work things out. After a tireless attempt in order to get back with Maen Ward Pong in gives up and decides to go home so he goes and says goodbye to Bpee at Mahatweit .. Viyada sees and then calls Monthai causing both sides to argue and Khun Jian comes and stop them and takes them to see Khun Ying tap Tim. Tap Tim tells Pong in that if he wants to date Bpeeyachat he should do it correctly and come through the doors properly. Pong In laughs and tell the everyone that they are mistaken and that woman he loves is Maenward. Monthai then decides to help by inviting Pong In and Maeward to the beach for a break along with him and Viyada followed by Bpee and Set Tee. While there Bpee and Monthai gets closer but Viyada interupts. Once back Monthai decides that it’s time for him to get his marriage plans with Viayda on the way. But Khun Ying suddenly fall ill causing Monthai have to push the wedding indefinitely. Nou Cha had finally proven himself to Wiparwarn’s parents and they now allow them to get married since most of it was because of Bpees help. Khun Ying is very fond of this and calls Monthai to tell him that if she gives all of her money and wealth to Bpee will Viayda still marry him? Monthai is certain that Viyada doesn’t care about the wealth and riches and tells her to do as she pleases. Viyada who is eavesdropping outside hears this and then tries to find a way to take revenge. Viyda starts a psychological war and pretends to be Lukkana causing Khun Ying Tap Tim’s death. Viyada dreams that she will marry Monthai and get Mahatwiet but once they open the will Viyada realizes that Khun Ying gave half and half of her belongings to Monthai and Bpee. Viyada then accuses bpee of pretending to be Lukkana’s ghost to scare her to death. Bpee doesn’t have anyone to support her and she doesn’t even open her mouth to deny. Monthai is very angry so tells her to go away.


Orange 2016

One day, Naho Takamiya receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. As Naho reads on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, including the transfer of a new student into her class named Kakeru Naruse. The Naho from ten years later repeatedly states that she has many regrets, and she wants to fix these by making sure the Naho from the past can make the right decisions—especially regarding Kakeru. What's more shocking is that she discovers that ten years later, Kakeru will no longer be with them. Future Naho asks her to watch over him closely.

Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road 1980

Flamingo Road is an American prime time soap opera that aired on NBC. It was first seen as a TV movie on May 12, 1980, and as a series on January 6, 1981, after a rebroadcast of the pilot on December 30, 1980. The show is based on the 1949 movie starring Joan Crawford, which is, in turn, based on the novel by Robert Wilder. Flamingo Road was created to compete against CBS's Dallas and Knots Landing, nighttime dramas that were inspired by the daily afternoon soap operas that had been a staple of TV for years. The character of Constance Weldon ranked at #16 on E!'s list of The 50 Most Wicked Women in Primetime.

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi 2016

Sakaguchi is a high school boy and also a "fudanshi" who loves boys-love stories. He hangs out with his friends, a fujoshi named Rumi, his gay friend Yūjirō, fellow fundashi Daigo, and his "normal" friend Nakamura.


Capitol 1982

Capitol is an American soap opera which aired on CBS from March 29, 1982 to March 20, 1987 for 1,270 episodes. As its name suggests, the storyline usually revolves around the political intrigues of people whose lives intertwined in Washington, D.C.


Tone 2013

The story of a young boy with a passion for music as a young child whose name is Tone. Tone and a group of other children meet at the Royal Eye Candy folk singers which teaches courses in singing, composing music for everyone to use to make a living. The story goes on with singing competitions and the relationships between the competitors.

Andal Azhagar

Andal Azhagar 2014

Andal Azhagar is a romantic drama. The love story changes its course with a clash between two families, as Andal and Azhagar get on an emotional, high-octane rollercoaster.

The Secret Storm

The Secret Storm 1954

The Secret Storm is a soap opera which ran on CBS from February 1, 1954 to February 8, 1974. The series was created by Roy Winsor, who also created the long-running soap operas Search for Tomorrow and Love of Life. Gloria Monty of General Hospital fame was a longtime director of the series. Like most CBS Soap Operas of the time such as The Guiding Light and As the World Turns The Secret Storm was filmed, and later taped, in New York at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 52 Street.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds 2011

Tawee Pope is famous. It is many people’s favorite lakorn. Every ‘older’ avid lakorn watcher knows of it. A present-day modernist nang’ek time-travels via a mirror to the past to meet old-fashy pra’ek. I myself have watched a bit of the 1994 original but do not recall anything of it aside from what I summarized in the sentence before. Therefore, I am unable to review Tawee Pope in comparison to its predecessor. When news came out of its remake, I was thrilled at the general storyline of “two worlds” bringing together two soul mates [more because of Om!], then disappointed that Pancake was the nang’ek, and as I watched it, I clearly became disappointed. Fans bashed the remake calling it an epic failure. I agree. Godninja boldy rates Tawee Pope with 2 stars. Since Tawee Pope lacked in the goodness department, I must mention my top five scenes: 1. [Scenes in this case] Whenever Khun Luang managed to crack smile or roll his eyes. If not for you, I would have been long gone. 2. Khun Luang (or was it Manee?) meekly confessed he likes her and they held hands. Such a little thing, but it was so cute. At this point, I was just begging for any hint of romance! 3. Khun Laung hugged Manee back when the mirror called her to return. After the first time, he was a selfish bastard. 4. Om Akapan took off this shirt for me! This was when Khun Luang had a brawl showdown with Arnus [don't recall this character name] as a diversion to get the letter. 5. The morning after ending of course! Pixs on top. So freaking jealous! I think that is all the nice stuff I can say about Tawee Pope, so there comes the hating. Number one thing that this lakorn killed was…it’s whole purpose. And if you don’t have a purpose, then you automatically fail. Simple as that. There was no significance to the time-traveling. There was no focus on the historical events which I thought was the point of Tawee Pope. The idea of Manee as a weapon of trickery to coax intelligence from the foreigners had so many possibility of epic plotline. Even though she manged to extract the ‘valuable’ info, they never showed how it was significant. Perhaps how it was used to counteract the imperialism or anything, really! Few more notable things to diss: Though according to character, Pancake over-acted, and even my Om bored me. You can’t be handsome forever, baby; I need some facial expressions. I wanted to rip off my laptop screen at the immense stupidity of Manee and the mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall, why can you let Manee bring in electric shavers but not a book. You want her to changed history, but you also limit her. This is the paradigm of time-traveling. And Manee, if you couldn’t bring the one important book, why the heck didn’t you just read it and remember it. I thought you were smart? Oh, I can’t forget the lack of romance. You made me angry too many times. Enough, I will only complain on one more point-the ending. Apparently in the original, the mom and the friends were able to come to the past. Okay, in this one, the mom appeared in the past, but she did nothing. Where’s the logic in that? What I would have loved was a little family tree or something at the end to know how their life went. How many kids they had, going to grandkids and so on the to present…then [I'm really am wishing too hard] goes to a single great great (whatever how many great) granddaughter. And then flash, we see Kul, Tron, and Raiwat meeting a descendent of Manee and Khun Luang. And because I felt so bad for Raiwat at the ending, he should get their descendent. Now this would have made up for all of the disappointments.