Katitzi 1979

Katitzi Taikon is a gypsy girl who at first lives at an orphanage. She is not happy there, so she is returned to her family. The Taikon's live at different camps. They are pushed by police and authorities.


Seventeen 2017

At seventeen, we were all newbies at love. These are innocent and reckless high school love stories that we dare not think of doing now.

Pinkalicious & Peterrific

Pinkalicious & Peterrific 2018

Join the fun as Pinkalicious and her brother Peter look for ways to turn the everyday ho-hum into something extraordinary. The new series encourages creativity and celebrates the arts across all disciplines - dance, theater, music, and the visual arts.

Agriculture Angel BARAKI

Agriculture Angel BARAKI 2010

Sanae Baraki is a farmer’s daughter who can see spirits. Every day she works on her field together with spirits to produce the best agricultural goods. However, there is a group that aims to stop her. With the blessing of the earth, she transforms into Agriculture Angel Baraki.