Limbo 2004

A labyrinthine neo-noir thriller with a tense psychological slant, this dark, existential drama follows the surreal journey of a man trapped in a place where time stands still, yet determined to fend off madness by pursuing a mysterious assassin while finding a means of escaping his otherworldly prison. Limbo was Thomas Ikimi's micro budget student film, made in his sophomore/junior year in University.

Salaryman 6

Salaryman 6 2002

A Japanese salaryman attempts to discover why he has no memory of the previous day.

South of Suez

South of Suez 1940

Greedy diamond mine owner Eli Snedeker, resentful that his ex-foreman John Gamble stopped him from taking over kindly, but drunken, mine owner Roger Smythe's mine just as he was about to strike it rich, kills Smythe and blames it on Gamble. Grabbing the diamonds, Gamble flees Africa to England where he changes his name and begins a new life. What he hasn't counted on, though, is meeting and falling in love with Smythe's daughter Katherine, who falls in love with him but can't marry him until she can deal with her hatred of John Gamble, the man she believes killed her father.

BlackJack: Ace Point Game

BlackJack: Ace Point Game 2005

After wearing a wire to catch a dirty colleague selling confiscated drugs, detective Jack Kempson is hated by his colleagues. He also gets 'promoted away' to the basement, where old files get transferred to the national computer database. Thus he comes across fingerprints, now identifiable, in the 30 year old case of Ashley, the kidnapped son of lottery winners. Although he's too late to help him now, he tracks the perpetrators down behind his boss's back.

La trajinera del terror

La trajinera del terror 2005

Ouija horror disrupts a teenaged birthday party, and then a long-dead Catholic mystic shows up to try to dispel the evil presences, but most of the possessed kids end up stabbing each other to death anyway.

Holy Terror in the Village

Holy Terror in the Village 2003

In order to get a land contract to build a highway, greedy mayor Wu Fat hires people to pretend to be ghosts to scare people out of a village. His daughter Lily arrives home from studies in England and starts investigating.

Sin in the Rain

Sin in the Rain 2006

It is raining in Tokyo at night. A woman, named Kimura Yu, is caught in the rain. She has had lots of trauma in her life, because her parents were killed, and to make things worse she experiences another tragedy, her reliable councilor, Kanzaki, is killed. But Yu is "saved" by a mysterious detective named Takamizawa Kyosuke.

Dead Guys

Dead Guys 2002

Someone is killing off all the hot guys in the neighborhood, their mutalated bodies turning up throughout Jackson Street. Slake and his dim-witted partner, Caleb work their way through an assortment of exotic dancers, delivery boys and corporate lawyers. Investigating the gruesome murders is detective Jared Stone who is prepared to find out who the killer is

Intrigo: Dear Agnes

Intrigo: Dear Agnes

What is a human life worth? How is it possible that a woman like Agnes could agree to kill another human being? Is it the money? Or are there other forces at play?

Grand Exit

Grand Exit 1935

A Stumped insurance company is forced to re-hire the most expensive, most big-headed, but best arson investigator to solve a string of major losses.