Beware the Black Widow

Beware the Black Widow 1968

Investigators enlist the aid of a call girl to capture a dangerous killer praying on local mobsters.

King of the Underworld

King of the Underworld 1952

A sinister crook is implicated in blackmail, greed for emeralds, a secret formula and murder. Thee episodes from a 1952 British television series called "Inspector Morley, Late of Scotland Yard, Investigates" were joined together and released theatrically.

The Slave

The Slave 1967

Carol's marriage is suddenly threatened by the appearance of some pornographic photographs taken 9 years earlier, when she was 19 years old and desperate for money. Eric Colar and his girl friend blackmail Carol into satisfying their various sexual desires and giving them enough money to escape from the police. A confrontation with William Verner, who had been unjustly imprisoned for a crime committed by Eric, puts a violent end to the scheme.

The Violators

The Violators 1957

The Violators is a 1957 American crime film directed by John Newland and written by Ernest Pendrell. The film stars Arthur O'Connell, Nancy Malone, Fred Beir, Clarice Blackburn and Henry Sharp. The film was released on November 27, 1957, Universal Pictures.

Dilli Ka Thug

Dilli Ka Thug 1958

Kishore is a conman who has little respect for the rich. He learns that the person responsible for his friend's death is the same who led to his own father's death. He swears to bring him to justice.

Das Geheimnis der roten Katze

Das Geheimnis der roten Katze 1931

“The Red Cat” is a seedy dive. The rich American, Jefferson, who shows up there one day with his family and who recently became the proud owner of the famous Halifax emerald, particularly attracts the attention of the patrons of the “Cat”. One of them approaches the Americans disguised as a marquis, but he has not reckoned with Jefferson’s daughter, Jessie.

Organized Crime: A World History

Organized Crime: A World History 2001

ORGANIZED CRIME: A WORLD HISTORY travels the globe to get an insider's view of some of the most active, dangerous and diabolical criminal syndicates in existence. The five episodes in this documentary each focus on a different region, examining the conditions that helped create these groups, talking to law enforcement specialists about how they are being fought, and relating true stories of famous cases.

Krok do tmy

Krok do tmy 1938

A dashing but mysterious man saves a gambler from suicide, crashes the posh party of a prominent industrialist, falls in love with his daughter, and finds himself in a web of intrigue revolving around her blackmailing fiance and a gang of counterfeiters.

What Happened Then?

What Happened Then? 1934

Young Raymond Rudford,sculptor, is on trial for slitting the throat of his uncle, who had adopted and raised him after Raymond's parent's died when he was a young boy. The prosecution allows his motive was fear of being disinherited if he married his fiancé, the fair Alicia Atherton, against his uncle's wishes, and the prosecution lays a mountain of evidence against Raymond, including his razor, dragged from an artificial lake on the estate, as the murder weapon; Raymond's bloody fingerprints and footprints found at the scene of bedroom crime, and his bloody shoes, found in his cupboard and bloody monogrammed-handkerchief found under his uncle's death bed. Raymond's only defense is that he could not have committed the crime as he goes into a paroxysm of dread at the mere sight of blood, a phobia he has had ever since childhood when his dog was run over by a lorry and the dog's blood was splattered into his face.