Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul 1992

Ike wanted to be just like his older brother Stevie... a demented serial killer!

Tortured Soul 2

Tortured Soul 2 1994

A man tries to avenge the death of his brother at the hands of a serial killer.

Tortured Soul 3: The Willing Flesh

Tortured Soul 3: The Willing Flesh 2004

Vanessa has always been fascinated by serial killers. In fact, she wrote her thesis about them. After Vanessa interviews a suspected serial killer, her sorority sisters begin to die one, by one.

Breath of Hate

Breath of Hate 2011

One last job and Love is out of the erotic escort business. Unfortunately, that final job is for a trio of escaped mental patients who are looking to change the world. One victim at a time.

Too Focused

Too Focused 2012

Jan Roelfsema does a trip to the countryside for finishing his novel. He ends up in the former Hostel of Karl and Anna who appear to keep a secret. His search for answers reveals many signs which draw a horrible picture in his head about Anna being held as a sex slave or worse. Acting as any brave man in love would do, his attempt to free Anna reveals the much more shocking truth...

In the Woods

In the Woods 2005

Five friends travel to a lake in the woods for a weekend getaway, only to be killed off one by one by an unseen maniac.

The Shelter

The Shelter 2005

Death has come to a small southern town. A biological weapon has been unleashed, driving residents insane before killing them. A small group of soldiers and civilians take refuge in a bunker for chemical warfare. Their sanctuary may turn into their tomb. Water is low and one of them will do what ever it takes to stay alive. When the end of the world comes are you safe in ... The Shelter

The Screening

The Screening 2007

The films of a man named Borgia have been shown to cause riots and an old copy has finally been found. As it begins to show to a packed theater, madness and murder ensue.

For Christ's Sake

For Christ's Sake 2010

Once a grand establishment committed to experimentation and discovery, The Carmichael Institute For Scientific Advancement now stands in disrepair and financial ruin. That hasn't stopped a pair of driven scientists and their wealthy benefactors though from spearheading a top secret, genetic cloning experiment using a sample of centuries-old human DNA. Tensions rise and relationships crumble as these dedicated technicians find themselves sin deep in the deliverance of their own misdeeds. The subject is loose and so begins a tense struggle for survival against a project that cannot be controlled, off-set against the arrival of an additional group of young people who have even closer ties to one of the scientists than the peer she's involved with. Who, if any, will possess the purity required to survive the night as the price of one's own wickedness could end up costing them their very souls.

The Lost Tour

The Lost Tour 2015

The Lost Tour will follow the footsteps of two American friends who travel to Vietnam for the first time. Instead of spending time with the famous tourist destinations, they decided to explore the distant suburbs of the countryside to participate in exciting activities, enjoy the exotic dishes of each places. Unfortunately, they get lost in a dense forest, and the nightmare of zombie uprising begin... (

The Crawling Brain

The Crawling Brain 2002

Stefan learns that his invalid grandmother was the nurse/lover of Nazi doctor Franz Kindler and that she removed his brain when the Nazis were losing WW2. Unable to successfully perform a transplant on test subjects, she needs Stefan to carry on for her now that her health is failing.

The Girl

The Girl 2011

Christmas Eve wasn't so festive when a disturbed mother of three slashed her husband and two of her children in an old campground. Years later, the surviving daughter falls victim to a random rape, activating painful childhood memories and turning "The Girl" into a murderous (albeit sexy) freak, inventively killing everyone in sight! This campground massacre dedicated to the late Corey Haim features an all-star horror cast!


Kadence 2016

A young man is seduced by an enigmatic new neighbor who promises him the solution to his miserable life - with untold consequences.

A Stranger Kind

A Stranger Kind 2015

In a seedy old cabaret club, a young girl is rescued from her grim fate by the hand of a bloodthirsty visiting stranger.