The Day Before Yesterday

The Day Before Yesterday 1981

Kamakalawa (The Day Before Yesterday) explores the folklore of the prehistoric Philippines in an adventure of mortals in the world filled with gods and mythological creatures.


Ruddigore 1967

For centuries, the Murgatroyd family, the Baronets of Ruddigore, have been under a witch's curse -- commit a crime every day, or die in agony. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, the rightful heir, has run away to live as an innocent peasant ("Robin Oakapple") in the Cornish village of Rederring, sticking his brother Despard with the curse. But on the very day that "Robin" is to marry sweet, beautiful Rose Maybud, it all falls apart. Can Sir Ruthven outwit a picture gallery full of his ancestors' ghosts to save the day?

Angelito mío

Angelito mío 1998

Heaven is in chaos. God left for Earth to seek faith and hope in humanity. San Wichón stays in charge of the Celestial Senate and, in his campaign for the governorship, things get out of control. Disillusioned because Heaven is no longer a paradise, the girl angel María de las Estrellas (Mary of the Stars) descends to Earth to look for Heaven's top boss.

Burglars of

Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle 1926

In order to win the hand of a princess, a man must defeat an evil dragon and claim its treasured magic stone. Upon his return, Baghdad has been invaded and he must use the stone to defeat his new enemy.

The Vampire Combat

The Vampire Combat 2001

Master Maolung is so obsessed with the supernatural that he keeps an eye on the "yin" wife of his eldest disciple, Hu Yaotu. Hu succeeds in keeping the master concealed. A century later, everybody has a new life without memory of the past. Maolung's loyal but evil follower swears to take revenge and save his master from the subdued world at any price.


Neverwhere 1968

A meek office worker finds himself flung into a fantasy world as a naked muscleman. An early version of the Den character, known from the comic magazine Heavy Metal and the movie by the same name.

Balls Bluff

Balls Bluff 1961

During a Civil War battle, a soldier is transported through time, landing in New York City's Central Park in the year 1961. He then explores Manhattan and goes to Yankee Stadium in an attempt to locate other Civil War soldiers. (IMDb)

Rock N Roll Dreams

Rock N Roll Dreams 1995

A lonely pretty boy is all alone on Christmas eve on his first day away from home as he gets ready for his Freshman year in College. Hr gets tipsy on a few drinks and summons up the ghost of Rock legend Gene Vincent, together they spend a romantic sensual evening together as the rock legend makes the lonely boy feel like a million bucks, an evening we can all only dream of. School year finally starts and the teacher on modern social studies tells the class about his days in Berkeley when free love was king and Patrick starts imaging the summer of love and that dorm room his teacher describes with the debaucheries that would be unthinkable today. Times change, and this is what this movie is a bout. There in class he meets a guitar player on his way to an audition with a producer who our boy has no problem imaging it was the infamous Phil Specter as ...

The World of Hammer: Wicked Women

The World of Hammer: Wicked Women 1994

The wicked women of Hammer included such cult stars and screen legends as Bette Davis, Ingrid Pitt, Joan Fontaine, Martine Beswick, Tallulah Bankhead, Lizabeth Scott and more. This is nothing more than assembled clips from various Hammer productions narrated by Oliver Reed. It aired on Channel 4 in the UK in 1994 before select episodes were released on VHS.

The World of Hammer: Vamp

The World of Hammer: Vamp 1994

Through the years, Hammer's depiction of female vampires was consistently groundbreaking and always controversial, exploring the fine line between forbidden desire and the curse of the undead. This TV production contains only recycled clips with the only new addition being narration from Oliver Reed.

Monday Begins on Saturday

Monday Begins on Saturday 1965

Set in a fictional town in northern Russia, where highly classified research in magic occurs, the novel is a satire of Soviet scientific research institutes, complete with an inept administration, a dishonest, show-horse professor, and numerous equipment failures. It offers an idealistic view of the scientific work ethic, as reflected in the title which suggests that the scientists' weekends are nonexistent. (Wikipedia)

Elven Sorcerer

Elven Sorcerer 1969

A ghost transforms into a beautiful woman and falls in love with a man but a black magician is after her.