The Guard

The Guard 2001

The Guard is the world's first film with a single actor in the cast. Released in December 2001, the Indian Malayalam feature film has Kalabhavan Mani, the only actor on screen, playing the role of a forest guard in a lonely, isolated dense forest.

Campus Sleuth

Campus Sleuth 1948

A photographer is choked to death just outside of where a college dance is being held. The body is discovered by Lee Watson (Warren Mills), but promptly disappears, as it is being whisked from one point to another on the campus by a night watchman, who is an ex-convict. However, he is not the killer and Freddie Trimball (Freddie Stewart), Betty Rogers (Noel Neill), Dodie Rogers (June Preisser) and Lee set out to find the culprit, who managed to put a big damper on the Big Dance.

Les Mutinés de l'Elseneur

Les Mutinés de l'Elseneur 1936

A journalist takes command of a ship after the crew mutiny against the brutal captain. It was an adaptation of the novel The Mutiny of the Elsinore by Jack London.

Revenge of Black Eagle

Revenge of Black Eagle 1951

When a soldier returns home from the wars, he finds that a local landowner has been terrorizing his family. He disguises himself as a bandit known as "The Black Eagle" and begins taking revenge on the landowner by ravaging his "empire". However, things take a different turn when he falls for the landowner's beautiful daughter

Young Lochinvar

Young Lochinvar 1923

In Scotland, a young man, Lochinvar insists on marrying Ellen, the woman he loves in spite of the fact that she is betrothed to another.

The Royal Mounted Patrol

The Royal Mounted Patrol 1941

Western star Charles Starrett makes one of his periodic forays into the Great White North in Columbia's Royal Mounted Patrol. When villainous lumberman Frenchy Duvalle (Donald Curtis) refuses to limit his wood-chopping activities, he inadvertently touches off a forest fire. Trapped in the middle of the conflagration, Frenchy's only hope for rescue is mountie Tom Jeffries (Charles Starrett), presently scouring the countryside in his scout plane. Jeffries' reasons for bringing Frenchy out safely are twofold: he must deliver the renegade lumberjack to the authorities, and he happens to be in love with Frenchy's sister Betty (Wanda McKay).