Stammer School

Stammer School 2014

Stammer School follows a cast of struggling stammerers as they enrol in a course that aims to help them finally find their voices. Stammer School features Musharaf Asghar – affectionately known as Mushy – from Educating Yorkshire. He found a place in the hearts of the nation as millions tuned in to watch him learn methods to overcome his crippling stammer and achieve the C grade he needed in his English GCSE. Although Mushy’s stammer has improved, he is often left speechless still. With the help of an intensive programme, led by other stutterers, Stammer School will follow Mushy and others as they attempt to overcome this huge stumbling block in their lives.

In-vulnerabilità d'Achille (tra Sciro e Ilio)

In-vulnerabilità d'Achille (tra Sciro e Ilio) 1997

One of the last TV performances by Carmelo Bene, from Publio Papinio Stazio and Henrich Von Kleist, mixing the myth of the amazon Pentesilea with the invulnerability of the greek hero Achilles. Bene performs alone in a stage filled with mannequins, acting in playback.

Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas

Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas 1984

Scrooge is visited by a girl with a snow globe which shows him people like Mike Love and Three Dog Night singing Christmas carols, to teach him the true spirit of Christmas, or something like that. –

Doctor Who - The Five Doctors

Doctor Who - The Five Doctors 1999

All five Doctors (Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Richard Hurndall and Tom Baker) and many of their old companions are taken out of time and deposited in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. There they must battle not only the Master, but Daleks, Cybermen and Yeti in order to reach the Dark Tower and discover the Tomb of Rassilon.

63 Up

63 Up

Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years.

Smith and Jones: The Home-Made Xmas Video

Smith and Jones: The Home-Made Xmas Video 1987

Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jone star in festive special about a family with a video camera. Christmas usually means a little over-indulgence, but to the Aldershot family it is an orgy of hitherto uncharted proportions.

The World of Eddie Weary

The World of Eddie Weary 1990

Alex Conway is an actor who plays the part of 'Eddie Weary', a sympathetic, down-at-heel, shabby, Northern, working-class private detective, in a TV show. Except Conway is actually a complete idiot in real-life: stuck up, pretentious and selfish, the constant focus of tabloid interest for his bad, usually drunken behaviour. But then he discovers he gets truckloads of mail from fans who think he really is Eddie Weary, asking for his help, so he decides to help them - with the aid of his assistant, Birdie.


Idlaflickorna 1996

A meeting between two old ladies on a tourist trip. Lillemor is polite and a bit naive, while Barbro is demanding and challenging.

Touched by an Angel: A Christmas Miracle

Touched by an Angel: A Christmas Miracle 1998

After their parents died, Wayne Travers (Randy Travis) began taking care of his mentally retarded brother Joey, a responsibility he was starting to regret. His only help was Joey’s friend Serena–until a miracle happened on Christmas Eve. Charles, a con-artist, arrived the next morning and divided the town with his schemes. What he didn’t expect, however, was to find pieces of his life he’d abandoned long ago, and he certainly never expected to encounter real angels. Monica and Tess (Roma Downey, Della Reese) have their hands full helping the people discern between truth and lies while protecting a miracle that reveals the true giftof Christmas. From the heartwarming , hit series, Tounced by an Angel, this poignant story is destined to become a holiday classic