Katya and the Crocodile

Katya and the Crocodile 1966

It is the summer holiday and little Mísa Horák has taken a few animals from the school's so-called "Corner of Living Nature" home to care for. But when he brings home two Angora rabbits, a starling, a little monkey, a tortoise and a small crocodile, his parents order him to take them away. He is helped by Káta, who offers to place the animals in the child's room of her family's apartment. Mísa leaves for her friend where the animals will hopefully be able to stay. Káta goes shopping. In the meantime, Káta's younger sister Minka wakes up and begins to play with the animals, who gradually run off in disarray.

Girl of the Ozarks

Girl of the Ozarks 1936

A sweet little country girl has issues with school. Her mother is ill. The school threatens to send her to an orphanage.

Run, Appaloosa, Run!

Run, Appaloosa, Run! 1966

In the Nez Perce nation, usually girls may not ride in a certain dangerous "suicide" cross-country and downhill horse race, but trick rider Mary and her exceptional horse Holly Smoke get the chief's permission to do so.


Kalakalappu 2001

Kuzhandhaivelis the head of a happy family consisting of his wife Thilaka, daughter, mother-in-law and sister-in-law Divya. Karna, a classmate of Divya in college, enters the house as a servant after losing a bet but gradually, he and Divya fall in love. Thilaka knows about their romance but before she can inform the rest of the family, she dies in an accident. So the family now decides that Divya should wed Kuzhandhaivel.

Beethoven Concerto

Beethoven Concerto 1936

Two young boys are learning to play violin and getting ready to participate in a great music contest.

Good Wind, 'Blue Bird'!

Good Wind, 'Blue Bird'! 1967

The beautiful "Blue Bird" schooner is sailing along the Adriatic sea coast. The passengers of the schooner are children of different nationalities, winners of the competition "For Peace and Mutual Understanding". During this wonderful sea voyage children find out that there are smugglers on board the ship...